Putting the Sun in the Sunshine State

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We may not be able to travel just yet, but having a future adventure road map in hand does wonders for the quarantined soul—especially when it features some design bells and whistles.

Created by Spark and Visit Florida, you open the map and discover a basic outline of the state and instructions to go outside. When you do, the sun works its magic and a wonderland of Florida’s lesser-known gems appear, from rare coral reefs to prehistoric caverns and bioluminescent kayaking treks.

Created with UV-sensitive photochromatic inks, the map was delivered inside the most recent issue of Outside magazine. Readers can delve deeper down the rabbit hole thanks to a QR code on the map that leads to more information about the locales.

“There will be a time when people travel again,” Visit Florida’s Staci Mellman writes. “They will be looking for experiences where they can explore the beautiful outdoors. Florida has these kinds of experiences in abundance and this map provides a fun and compelling way to discover Florida’s hidden gems.”

Check out the map in action below.