RDA Selects: Repurposing the “Wanted” Poster

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We’re running selected projects from the 2012 Regional Design Annual along with quotes from their designers. To submit work for the 2013 RDA, click here—the early-bird deadline is February 1. (And if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the 2012 Annual, order one now—supplies are running low!)

Levi’s Pioneer Award call-for-nominations mailer by Elixir Design (San Francisco): Jennifer Jerde (creative director/art director); Nathan Durrant, Beth Wong (designers); Bob Paterson (photographer); elixirdesign.com

“This is a newly conceived award to honor outstanding leaders in nonprofits worldwide. We presented a broad range of concepts, all revolving around icons of hard work. Ultimately, the dirty work glove was selected, and we simply ran with a retouched version of the image used in the original comp, which we found on Flickr. (The photographer graciously granted permission.) With Levi’s history in the Old West, we couldn’t help but be inspired by ‘wanted’ posters for the layout. Documenta and Knockout were used throughout, with serifs added to the I in ‘Pioneer’ to help center the word One in the folds.” —Nathan Durrant