The RDA is Here

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The intrinsic lettering on the cover of the 2013 Regional Design Annual of Print, designed by Debbie Millman, reads as follows: Print is Not Dead. Print is Not Dead. The 2013 RDA is Now Here.

magazine cover design by Debbie Millman

Cover design by Debbie Millman, Photography by Brent Taylor.

These words couldn’t be more true. Showcasing more than 300 projects, this issue oozes with the richness of the designs that it brings to the forefront. The RDA issue of Print isn’t just another design competition, but is a long-standing tradition embraced by the design community and hailed as an authoritative annual view of the year’s best projects.

In its 33rd year, the Regional Design Annual continues to prove its ongoing value as a survey of design from across the United States.

Print partners with esteemed judges whose expertise and ties to a particular area make them the authority to select the best designs. Their picks are not only indicative of national trends, but also regional influences.

Wherever you sit, we hope that Print’s RDA issue transports you across the continent, giving you a bird’s eye view of these regions’ award-winning designs and the talent producing them. And over the next several weeks leading up to the deadline to enter this competition, we invite you to join us on a journey into each region, meeting the designers and projects that hail from the areas.

The essence of this best-selling issue of Print starts with you. Submit your designs for consideration.