15 Common Archetypes Found in Branding

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Most brand campaigns embody a universally recognized character, many of them based from Jungian psychology. Brand designers and strategists insert common archetypes into a brand’s ethos to create an identity that connects with customers.

In Margaret Hartwell’s book, Archetypes in Branding, and in her online course, Strategic Brand Development, she analyzes 60 different common archetypes found in brand campaigns. We grabbed 15 of these archetypes from her course for review and study.

When you look at these archetypes, analyze current brands and how they incorporate these characters into their branding campaigns. For further study on how archetypes play a role in branding, enroll in Hartwell’s course Strategic Brand Development. In this course, you’ll find in-depth instruction on how to utilize archetypes in branding plus you’ll get free excerpts from her book that details 60 archetypes found in branding campaigns.


Excerpted from the course, Strategic Brand Development, and the book, Archetypes in Branding by Margaret Hartwell.

When you click on the brand archetypes, you’ll find a list of strengths and weaknesses.