Credibility-Based Logo Design with Dr. Bill Haig

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By: Print staff | August 28, 2013

Bill Haig (Dr. William L. Haig)is one of a kind. He is the only Ph.D. in logo design and branding, and for good reason. Logo design and branding aren’t supposed to be something you can get a doctorate in, but he revolutionized the field by applying credibility principles to the process.

Through his unique work the design community got a new term (coined by the Dr. himself), credibility-based logo design. It seems fairly obvious when you spell it out: A credible source will be more persuasive to a person than a not credible source, and yes there is research to back that up. This is the basis of Dr. Haig’s process.

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According to Dr. Haig, “Company logos which are strategically planned and designed with specific company credibility traits are termed credibility-based logo design. These traits are defined by the company’s expertise and trustworthy dimensions.”

This is all surface-level stuff, but his “credibility-based logo design” is anything but surface level. If you actually get a chance to really study it, you’ll find that it’s an extremely effective method of designing a logo—one that has landed Dr. Haig a great deal of acclaim. Not to mention, he developed this model after years of working with his legendary mentor, Saul Bass.

This is all great stuff, but why does it interest you? Because HOW Design University has nabbed the prestigious Dr. Haig as a professor for a brand new course titled Breakthrough Logo Design and Branding Success. In it he breaks down his “credibility-based logo design” process so that you can see just what it’s all about.

Even experienced designers, creative freelancers, and agency strategists can take important skills away from this course. Logo design is one of the primary functions of a designer or any creative type involved in branding, and this course is the way to take your logos to the next level.

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