How to Create the Best Digital Portfolio for Graphic Designers

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Updating resumes and online portfolios should be a routine we all do, rather it’s quarterly, semi-annually or annually. This reference guide to your abilities will make you stand out to potential employers and clients because it showcases how you translate ideas and convey concepts with your designs. A well-curated sample of designs is the best digital portfolio for graphic designers to demonstrate their adeptness at design thinking and problem-solving.

Pinpointing noteworthy pieces to include in your digital portfolio may seem overwhelming at times, especially when you are tailoring to specific employers. However difficult it is, you’ll need a strategic mindset when choosing work that highlights your capabilities.

Roberto Blake, whose online portfolio can be found here, provides graphic designers advice on what pieces to include in their digital portfolio and how to present the portfolio to employers and prospective clients in this workshop, How to Design a Digital Portfolio. Blake is a graphic designer, educator, and speaker for the top design conferences in the country, including HOW Design Live (check out the 2017 lineup here), who has mastered his online presence via blogging, vlogging and strategic social media.

Garner portfolio design ideas for your own graphic designer portfolio in this clip from the workshop. Blake discusses angles to consider when either building or updating your online portfolio.

How to Curate the Best Digital Portfolio:

For more guidance on your digital portfolio, tune into the digital portfolio workshop. It starts on November 2 and is open until November 16. Also, if you have portfolio advice you would like to contribute to the design community, you may share in the comment section below.