Negotiating Salary with Finesse: Tips from Lawyer Katie Lane

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Negotiating your salary as a graphic designer can be cause for intense anxiety. Have you ever experienced this scenario? You’ve spent hours preparing for this important conversation with your employer and you think you’re ready. Then that ball of anxiety takes over as soon as the negotiation process begins and you end up stumbling uncertainly over your request.

Instead of letting your anxiety control you, listen to some invaluable advice from attorney Katie Lane. She shares how to approach negotiation in a way that is comfortable, realistic and conversational in this clip from HOW Design University’s course, Negotiating without Fear or Anxiety.

Negotiating Salary Techniques: List the Why, not the What:

This is only a sliver of Lane’s insight. Her course offers a thorough study of negotiation strategies, including the best ways to boost your confidence and a host of foolproof preparation techniques. These tactics are also useful for determining contract agreements and pricing, not just for salary negotiations. If you feel that negotiating is not your strong suit or you would like to improve your bargaining skills, then I suggest signing up for this course. It’s a self-paced course that you can take on your time on. It’s also part of the In-House Design Management Certification. (If you want to pursue the certification, I recommend purchasing from the certification as it costs less than buying the courses individually.)

Katie Lane will be speaking at HOW Design Live in May. She is presenting on “Collaboration Without Conflict.” Her session is one not to miss!