Print’s February 2013 Issue

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The Illustration Issue: This month we sketch out a portrait of illustration, capturing the field in its many guises. Rob Walker has an epic look inside the Pencil Factory warehouse, long a creative hub for Brooklyn designers. Meanwhile, Fritz Swanson profiles the Dutch illustrator Tim Enthoven, known for his meticulous, uncanny vision; and Steven Heller sits down with R. O. and Nicholas Blechman, world-class designers who happen to be father and son. We’re also proud to introduce “The Last Word,” a new visual column in which the legendary Seymour Chwast will illustrate the final utterances of notable people, starting this month with P. T. Barnum. You’ll find it, appropriately enough, on the last page of the magazine.

Print Magazine February 2013



Print Singles: Interior Dialogue

Interior DialogueBaltimore’s Sarah Templin brings together illustration, painting, and graphic design in an artful line of handmade textiles.By Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson

The Pencil Factory: An Oral History

The Pencil Factory: An Oral HistoryAre the designers and illustrators sharing space in this Brooklyn building a gang, a scene, a movement—or none of the above?By Rob Walker

Print Singles: The Tiny Worlds of Tim Enthoven

The Tiny Worlds Of Tim EnthovenA rising Dutch illustrator uses detachment as a form of revelation.By Fritz SwansonHey, Art Directors—What Do You Think About Illustrators?We couldn’t very well run an entire issue on illustration without talking to these gatekeepers and tastemakers of the publishing world.By Print StaffThoughts Of An Uppity IllustratorIllustration should be more than just a foil for the text.By R. O. BlechmanMy Son, The Art Director. My Dad, The IllustratorA dual profile of R. O. and Nicholas BlechmanBy Steven Heller


Grids+GuidesTiny Jan Vermeulen replicas, Corita Kent gets a retrospective, and Kate Bingaman-Burt never skips a daily drawing.


InteractionIn his first column for Print, Paul Ford wishes for a new language of data visualization.

DialogueSteven Heller interviews the illustrator, artist, and entrepreneur Gary Taxali.

StereotypePaul Shaw on pictorial type, and Stephen Coles on icon web fonts

Best PracticesCan prototyping help save the world?

ObserverRick Poynor on the perils of ultra-simplified illustration


Back IssueMartin Fox remembers Antonio, who reinvented fashion illustration.

ReviewsDavid Barringer on Ken Garland: Structure and Substance, Teal Triggs on the M/M (Paris) monograph, and Debbie Millman on coffee mugs by Milton Glaser

In the StudioOliver Munday’s foosball heaven

The Last WordA new illustrated column by Seymour Chwast