Print’s April 2012 Issue

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The New Visual Artists Issue, in which we celebrate the best and brightest young artists in the field.


On the cover: For this issue’s cover, we wanted to highlight the amazing work by our New Visual Artists, but the question quickly arose: How do you show 20 designers’ work on one cover? Our solution was to have custom designed numbers—drawn by Juan Carlos Pagan—that could easily be taken apart. Each number is constructed of five parts, allowing us to fill each piece with a small preview of the work found inside the issue. With our main art in place, we cut out the numbers by hand and photographed them in a studio. This enabled us to capture the real shadows cast by the work, lending a totemic air to the design.


Print in Motion winners; errata

Grids+Guides: The art director of McSweeney’s reveals his magic (ink). Plus, new covers for a Nabokov classic, Steven Heller goes ape, and NYC versus Paris versus Paris versus NYC.


Dialogue: Steven Heller in conversation with Sue Coe, the graphic chronicler of the slaughterhouse.

Stereotype: Paul Shaw and Stephen Coles survey the state of type education.

Observer: What became of the proud tradition of science-fiction graphics? Rick Poynor explores.

World View: Design and public space clash in the Lisbon subway.

Best Practices: The good works of Project M’s John Bielenberg.

Interaction: On digital Davids and Goliaths.

Education: How will design be taught in 2030? We have five predictions.


Back Issue: Editor emeritus Martin Fox recounts the failed future of Fantasia.

Reviews: Garbage Pail Kids get their due, and the casual abstraction of Christoph Niemann.

The Goods: James Biber and James Victore in the waiting room; a Pink Floyd album up in flames; Rodrigo Corral finds a new direction; and DIY website dismembering.

In the Studio: “Candy-Lad” Cyrus Highsmith shows us around his attic.

One Perfect Thing: Ben King on the rough charm of Franklin Gothic


The 2012 New Visual Artists: 20 Under 30

For the last 14 years, Print has featured an annual issue called the New Visual Artists, which introduces and profiles 20 of the most promising rising talents in graphic design, advertising, illustration, digital media, photography, and animation—all under the age of 30. This competition is invitation-only. Our choices are drawn from nominations made by art directors, designers, and critics.

Sang Mun

Erin Schell

Berton Hasebe

Drea Zlanabitnig

Casper Heijkenskjöld

Kelsey Dake

Jerome Corgier

Tracy Ma

Olimpia Zagnoli

Ryan Thacker

John Passafiume

Lisa Hedge

Jungyeon Roh

Dafi Kühne

Jing Wei

Caleb Bennett

Naz Sahin

Serifcan Ozcan

Brendan Griffiths

George Michael Brower