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The Play issue, from NBA branding to Lego urbanism.

On the Cover: Symphonic Band—Univ. S. Illinois / 1965, by Paul Octavious, from the series “Grandpa’s Records.” Octavious says: “My Grandpa Jud used to play records for me all the time as a kid. I would sit on his floor while he propped his feet up, sat back in his worn leather chair, and smoked apple tobacco from his pipe. Whether it was rock or gospel, Grandpa’s head would nod to the rhythm of the beat. I would always know what record was playing by the spinning colors and patterns in the center of the player. The rotating gradients would put you in a trance, only to be stopped by Grandpa changing the record.”

Print's June 2012 Issue - The Play Issue



Living in Lego City

Police checkpoints. The Burj Khalifa. Bears. What kind of urbanism is Lego creating?

By Alexandra Lange

Meet the McDonald’s Mets?

The push to sell uniform ads

By Paul Lukas

Mighty Mississippi

The grit and gospel of a Portland record label

By Douglas Wolk

Hand Drawn Competition

Our annual look at the best in illustration

Touch and Go

Patrick Smith’s subtle worlds

By Bill Kartalopoulos


A visual essay on our work away from work

By Ted McGrath

PRINT Singles: Living in Lego City
PRINT Singles: Meet the McDonalds Mets
PRINT Singles: Mighty Mississippi
PRINT Singles: 2012 Hand Drawn Competition
PRINT Singles: Touch and Go
PRINT Singles: Re/Creation


ErrataA Correction

Grids+GuidesSteven Heller hits the bull’s-eye, Cass McCombs talks type, and Charles Schulz gets naked.


DialogueSteven Heller gets straight to the point with David Rees.

StereotypePaul Shaw and Stephen Coles judge an Olympics of type.

InteractionA theory of amateur information design

Best PracticesHow should companies present transparency?

ObserverRick Poynor on designers’ latest efforts to self-publish

EducationWestern-style design education comes to Doha, with a few hiccups.


Back IssueMartin Fox digs up sports and symbols from the archives

ReviewsTeal Triggs on a visual history of the London riots, and Margaret Eby on Stefan Sagmeister at the ICA Philadelphia

The GoodsA monolith for the digital age; Norah Jones meets Russ Meyer; a self-published novel gets a new face; and a tool for fuss-free quotes.

In the StudioLust’s high-tech 17th-century Dutch office

One Perfect ThingThe playing card


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