The Cotton Paper Market Is Coming Alive

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By: Print staff

Neenah Introduces NEENAH® Cotton Papers

With the arrival of its newest suite of papers, Neenah reinforces its commitment to crafting the finest, pure cotton papers since it began making paper in the late nineteenth century.

NEENAH® Cotton Papers truly represent everything Neenah brings to the art and science of papermaking: impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship,” said Ellen Bliske, Senior Marketing Manager, Neenah.

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Made from 100% pure cotton fiber, NEENAH® Cotton Papers are made for letterpress, engraving, foil stamping and offset printing, along with two weights available in the Letterpress Digital finish. “The luxuriously soft Letterpress finish is unsized and uncalendered, resulting in an extra toothy, handmade feel that is rare and special,” says Bliske.

Surface Matters

Created in four shades of white and three subtle colors (mint, blush–a fresh take on millennial paink–and gray), NEENAH® Cotton Papers are designed to meet creative needs for modern design applications as well as personal and business correspondence.

Made with only the finest cotton linters, fibers intertwine during papermaking to create a luxurious, tactile appearance. As strong as it is beautiful, NEENAH® Cotton Papers have the strength to assure performance in all high speed printing presses and the ability to withstand the extreme pressures of letterpress and die-stamping equipment. The subtle watermark on the 24 and 28 lb. Writing weights in the Wove finish is both a mark of quality and a guarantee of authenticity.

NEENAH® Cotton Papers are crafted by the hands of experienced papermakers and machine tenders. NEENAH® Cotton Papers stand for enduring quality, creating a lasting impression with every impression.

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