PRINT Book Club Provides Inspiration for Transformation with Dr. Dori Tunstall

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Earlier this week, PRINT Book Club welcomed Dr. Elizabeth “Dori” Tunstall to discuss how we can challenge hierarchical structures in the design industry by replacing judgement, pain, and repression with equity, inclusion, and diversity. Her new book, Decolonizing Design, was the backdrop for a robust conversation about the processes by which institutions, instructors, and the rest of us can transform design theory and practice by bolstering creatives from oft-excluded cultures of BIPOC communities.

Dr. Tunstall is a leading figure in the movement to decolonize design, Dean of the Faculty of Design at Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD U), and the first Black (and Black female) dean of a design faculty anywhere in the world. As she spoke with Debbie Millman, Steve Heller, and an engaged audience, Dr. Tunstall shared her practical ideas, lived experiences, and extensive research to explain what decolonizing design means, how it heals, and how to practice it in our institutions today.

But this is just a taste of this exciting dialogue— you can learn more about Dr. Tunstall’s process and practice by registering for the on-demand PRINT Book Club here. For an even deeper dive into her groundbreaking ideas, you can purchase a copy of Decolonizing Design here.