Building an Arabic Book Cover Archive

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The Cairo-based designer Moe Elhossieny and his colleagues are on a mission: to bring Middle Eastern design to the global discussion. And as they work toward their goal, they’re using one of the best, most ubiquitous design vehicles around: book covers.

“Our project is the first digital archive for Arabic book cover designs from the ’60s to ’90s, and we have gathered more than 1,000 book covers so far,” Elhossieny writes. “We are working towards the first milestone of 5,000 book covers, and we want to make those available to researchers, students, design practitioners, the general public and the global design community at large.”

Though the team has not yet provided designer information or translated titles, the works make up a marvelous mosaic of brilliant work.

Some of our favorites follow below. For more, head to the Arabic Book Cover Archive Instagram. An official website for the project is coming soon.