Judging A Book By Its Cover, We’d Read This Copy of ‘A Clockwork Orange’

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For complete transparency, I've never actually read A Clockwork Orange. I want to be honest because I want you to understand that I'm entirely judging this book by the cover.

London-based designer Rohit Kumar Sharma has done an excellent job designing with elegance, mystery, and simplicity. The elements of the design don't give too much away while still encapsulating the viewer. As someone who's never read it, I'm intrigued.

The illustration juxtaposes the mental state and idealism of Alex which revolves around rape, crime, and violence. The figure and ground rendition also enhances that everything is imbibed in him from which he cannot escape.

From drugs to his visit to Korova milk bar which is also hinted in the illustration in a very subtle manner which forms the silhouette of his face. A person’s character is multilayered and the cover explores the unfolding of these, revealing the protagonist to the audience.

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Rohit Kumar Sharma