Malika Favre’s Kama Sutra Typographic Alphabet

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In 2013, artist Malika Favre blended typography, illustration, design and erotica with her project and exhibition Kama Sutra A–Z.

The original work, via Favre's site.

While the initiative has lived on on Favre’s website and Pinterest galleries galore, today Counter-Print books is co-publishing a beautiful limited-edition book featuring the work.

The new hardcover features Favre’s 26 pieces, alongside erotic excerpts chosen by the artist, with a focus on female poets, including Sandra Cisneros, Stephanie Burt and Vanessa Kisuule.

As Counter-Print writes, “The dialogue created by this approach emphasizes the timeless relevance of erotica and is meant as a celebration of joy, pleasure and sensuality.”

As for the specs, the book features an embossed slipcase, a gold foil cover and is end-blocked in matte black. A limited run of foiled prints have also been produced for sale with the edition.

Pick up a copy here. Whether you keep it on your coffee table or in your bedroom is up to you.