‘O Dia Em Que A Poesia Derrotou Um Ditador’ Colorfully Explores Family Relationships

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Antonio Skarmeta, a famous Chilean author, has created a book that explores the relationship between parents and their children under challenging moments throughout history. O Dia Em Que A Poesia Derrotou Um Ditador is colorful and bright and stands out in a sea of other novels. Antonio Skarmeta's Chilean roots are abundantly clear through the layered textures and vivid colors throughout the branding system designed by the talented Leticia Quintilhano. The font choices are paired together beautifully with a handwritten style and a serif style.

Nico witnesses his father, Professor Santos, being detained by the police of the Chilean military regime. Meanwhile, his girlfriend's father, publicist Adrian Bettini, takes the helm of the television campaign against General Augusto Pinochet's reelection. While Nico searches for news about his father's whereabouts, Adiran tries to convince a nation that democracy is worth fighting for. Antonio Skarmeta, one of the main Chilean authors of the last decades, weaves an impactful narrative about the relationship between parents and children in difficult moments in history and about how joy managed to unfold colors to a silenced country.

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Designed By Leticia Quintilhano