“Self-Help” Gets a Rebellious New Look in This Collection of Psychological Essays

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Mental health awareness gets a stunning, artsy look in the form of Argentine designer Andi Landoni‘s cover for the anti-self-help book Volver a Pensarnos (“Rethinking Ourselves”), published by Futurock. In this collection of essays, mental health professional Santiago Levín provides welcome political context behind widespread mental illness and encourages community care as a coping mechanism. The book announces itself as a rebellious, thoroughly modern take on wellness with a vibrant, attention-grabbing design. Landoni makes the perfect color choice for Volver a Pensarnos with a youthful, compassionate, and cheery— but not too cheery— bright green that conjures thoughts of exceptionally well-maintained grass. An offbeat, asymmetrical white accent adds a high-contrast color block that makes the design pop, while a black sans serif font keeps it simple.

About the book
“Volver a pensarnos” is an urgent book on politics and mental health written on the imprecise border between the pandemic and the post-pandemic; an unprecedented event that forced us to reflect on what makes us human, what is our relationship with suffering and how to develop in an unfair system that, moreover, overwhelms us with experts and magic formulas to achieve the long-awaited happiness.

One idea weaves together this set of short essays: there is an unavoidable human suffering that comes with our cultural life; but there is another, against which we must rebel, which derives from an unacceptable design that must be dismantled and rethought.
Far from self-help and prescriptive advice, the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Santiago Levin proposes unavoidable starting points to think about mental health situated in a historical moment, in a conception of the subject and in a social and political system that determines it. Because mental health is also taking care of thinking about the world and our ways of living in it.


About the designer
Andi Landoni is an Argentine illustrator and graphic designer. She works designing for different publishers and illustrating for audiovisual projects, clothing and her personal brand. Passionate about editorial design. For the Futurock essay collection I was inspired by abstract paper cutting forms, generating a system that with the vibrant colors and typography, gave the collection a strong identity.

About the collection
The collection of Essays aims to address the post-pandemic thought of as a watershed from different disciplines.

About the publisher
Ediciones Futurock is the daughter of Futurock FM, the radio station that since 2016 has revolutionized the map of independent media in Argentina. Futurock showed that it is possible to make a professional, critical digital communication medium and not die trying.
Ediciones Futurock is driven by an idea: it’s time for a new generation to write a new world. With this goal as a beacon, we set out to sign fair agreements with authors, who receive 50% of the profits generated by their books, an unprecedented event in the publishing market. In a difficult context for the sector, Ediciones Futurock has sold more than 16,000 copies, which is a true feat.
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