Wu-Tang Clan’s New Photo Book Ain’t Nothing To F**K with.

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Seminal hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan needs little preamble. The group spawned an artist and commercial empire that remains firmly planted in not just hip-hop but culture writ-large. Founders RZA and Ghostface Killah developed an ethos blending Eastern philosophy, martial arts movies, comic books, and elements from The Five-Percent that has served as a foundation for projects beyond music, including fashion and visual arts. The Clan’s latest endeavor is a massive coffee table book containing over 300 rare and unseen photos that chronicle the rise of the largest hip-hop crew in history.

The design of Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy and its case draw inspiration from Wu-Tang’s debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang Clan, also known as "36 Chambers,” and is bound in fine Italian black leather with a golden logo on the front. Any other limited-edition book like this would come encased in perhaps a fancy wooden book, maybe with some ornate engravings or in-laid materials. But Wu-Tang: Legacy comes in a 400 lb steel and brass sculpture designed by Gethin Jones. Inspired by Zhou Dynasty, whose first ruler was King Wu-Tang, the sculptures resemble ritual bowls. The globe-like top prominently features the Wu-Tang logo and folds out in a way similar to how fans raise up “Wu-Tang” hands to reveal the book nestled inside.

Wu-Tang is for the children, but Legacy is for only 36 fans, and the chances are that Pharma Bro won’t be one of them. Interested parties are encouraged to email Art of Publishing.