A Double Shot of Bottle Design for National Tequila Day

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When it comes to their bottle design, Clase Azul isn’t messing around: In the town of Santa Maria Canchesda, more than 100 artisans are dedicated to putting out a perfect package for the tequila brand.

The bottles are handmade and hand-painted, simultaneously becoming vessel and art object—one that does justice to the spirits within. To create Clase Azul, blue agaves are slow cooked in traditional stone ovens for 72 hours before being fermented and distilled for eight months in oak barrels. As Town & Country notes in its roundup of the best sipping tequilas, “after the distillation process, it's got a rich, sweet flavor and drinks as if it's been aged as long as something much older.”

The distiller has also boasted a range of special edition bottles over the years that are worth checking out in their own right.

Volcan de mi Tierra tequila, meanwhile, has deep roots: It’s grown in the shadow of Jalisco’s (ideally named) Tequila Volcano, which shaped the terrain and, notably, the soil in which the agaves grow. After harvesting them from both the highlands and lowlands to create a distinct flavor profile, the distillery utilizes classic and contemporary methods to ferment and distill the spirit.

Mexico City–based designer Karina Espinoza executed the brand and bottle design, strategically capturing the flair of past and present in a single savory concept.

Check it out below.

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