A Habit-Forming Brand Identity

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What is your worst habit? What about your best habit? And do either of them involve a caffeine addiction? According to a Reuters survey, 64% of Americans over 18 drink at least one cup of coffee per day, and that pales in comparison to the prodigious intake of European and Russian coffee drinkers. Habit coffee wants to take this daily ritual and elevate it into more than just an energy booster—and the design team at F61 has created a brand identity to do just that.

“The name ‘Habit’ and the brand’s philosophy became the starting point for us to develop a visual identity,” explains the Russia-based agency. “Habit is a project [about] more than coffee—it is about emotions, freedom, and the habit of treating yourself.”

The bright colors and gorgeous typographic choices could grab anyone’s attention. The ‘a’ and ‘b’ in the wordmark alone are enough to turn heads.

“Bright and bold, it kind of tells us: ‘A bad day … maybe coffee?’ ‘A good day … coffee?’”

The logo is used in a number of ways across the brand identity—from filling entire surfaces of cups and boxes to hiding in the corners of bags and T-shirts. Soon enough, Habit is likely to have Russian coffee drinkers ditching their Starbucks cups for this gorgeous brand.