Brand of the Day: Design to Help You Dilly Dally

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With the pace of our lives (somehow) ever-intensifying, and stress at an all-time high (please don’t think about the election next week, please don’t think about the election next week …), we’re told by gurus galore to slow down and take a more mindful approach to life, for the benefit of ourselves and those around us.

Now, more goods are being designed specifically for that purpose—including Dally, which launches today. Inspired by the notion of “dilly dallying,” as the brand writes, “Try lingering on something that makes you feel good for a change. It’s time we all amble, ramble and wander a bit more—even if that’s to your bathroom sink. We believe this downshift in speed leads to better things.”

Jibing with the brand’s stated intentions, Dally’s initial offering of hand washes are thoughtfully crafted in small production runs, sans synthetic ingredients, paragons and colorants, and modeled on three settings designed to invoke relaxation and calm: rolling waves, naps in the grove, and being barefoot in the grass.

Husband-and-wife team Kevin Egan and Elizabeth Walton Egan created the brand—and deferred to design to help imbue it with the right notes. Specifically, they turned to Pentagram.

Eddie Opara and his team executed the Zen-like design work that follows. For more, head to Dally.

Project team:

Eddie Opara (Partner)

Brankica Harvey (Associate Partner)

Mary Kate Henry (Designer)

Raoul Gottschling (Designer)

Dana Reginiano (Project Management)

Saundra Marcel (Brand Strategy)