Brand of the Day: Kolatch Tuba

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Dessert in a tube might not sound like the most exciting thing on the planet—but ultimately, it’s dessert that’s great for the planet, and Michal Slovák’s branding is the proverbial cherry on top.

Kolatch Tuba comes in a variety of flavors, sans artificial ingredients, and is produced in aluminum tubes—which can be recycled indefinitely.

As for the packaging, “With the choice of fonts and colors, we managed to create the impression of a sweet dessert at first glance,” Slovák says, “without banal and overworked pictures of fruits or nuts.”

Rather, he focused on color to reflect individual flavors, and utilized handlettering as a messaging tool.

“It evokes a feeling of creaminess free of unnecessary descriptors,” he says. “This results in a clean layout that communicates the premium category of the product.”

We’d give it a squeeze. Check out more of Slovák’s work here.