Brand of the Day: Korai Kitchen

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As Badal Patel details, when Bangladeshi immigrants open eateries in the U.S., they often focus on Indian cuisine, because it’s a more widely known reference point for Americans.

New Jersey’s Korai Kitchen, meanwhile, celebrates all things Bangladeshi cuisine and culture—and Patel’s branding and packaging work proudly broadcasts that heritage.

It manifests in different ways—there’s Bengali script and phrases. There are tongue-in-cheek declarations such as “No chicken tikka masala.” And then there are images of the owner herself, who runs Korai Kitchen with her daughter.

“The restaurant was born out of a mother’s love for cooking and her ambition to make her dreams a reality,” Patel writes. “The visual identity intends to place emphasis on this by showing Amma (mom) who actually makes the food while proudly displaying an all Bangladeshi menu.”

Lively, colorful and a fine blend of contemporary and classic, the brand is completed by a handlettered logo that encapsulates it all. চমত্কার.