Brand of the Day: Makers Cabinet

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Fed up with today’s disposal culture, a trio of international designers banded together to create something a bit more permanent.

With Makers Cabinet, the UK-based Odin Ardagh, Benjamin Weininger and Noah Bier set out to make a line of products that lasts for architects, artists and designers. And, amazingly, they did it while studying product design together at Central Saint Martins, launching their first offering in 2017 to rave reviews before graduating this year.

Through their brand, they are challenging the norms of the industry: They produce their products at a lower volume to retain their high barometer of quality. They sell direct to the end user. Their goods are guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of their wood is FSC Certified, and all of their packaging is recyclable.

So far, they have released three products. Dissatisfied with the everyday pencil sharpener, they put the solid-brass Høvel tool up on Kickstarter in 2017, and exceeded their funding goal by 200%.

Next, they launched the Iris circle drawing tool in 2019 with a goal of $33,000—and racked up $242,000 while generating wild praise from numerous outlets (and inspiring cheap knockoffs seeking to cash in on the popular campaign). The Iris, inspired by a camera’s aperture, was the result of listening to their audience, who told them that rotary compasses lacked innovation and were difficult to use.

Now, they’ve kick off the campaign for their latest product: Stria, a pocket-friendly folding ruler made from solid brass or steel. In addition to its timeless look and functionality, the ruler features a haptic click mechanism that responds when the arm is at 45, 90 and 135 degrees. The campaign debuted Aug. 11 with a goal of $16,500, and has already brought in nearly $85,000.

Check it out here—and for more on Makers Cabinet, drop by their site.