Brand of the Day: Mucca Serves Up a Lenwich Redesign

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As Mucca details, “For most projects, less is more. That wasn’t the case for NY-based sandwich shop Lenwich.”

As anyone who has eaten a Lenwich knows, more really is more—layers upon layers piled high make the experience. And so Mucca layered it on in its radical redesign of the brand.

The shop, which hosts 12 locations throughout Manhattan, was seeking to engage the next generation of sandwich connoisseurs while staying true to its longtime working-class fans. To accomplish their mission, Mucca skillfully deployed a medley of variations of Prismaset from the Lineto Type Foundry.

“A richly layered visual system stacks the typography like a pastrami on rye, and copywriting speaks to the concept of everyday New York heroes,” the branding and design studio writes. “The strong color palette provides a visual link to Lenwich’s former brand, and the overall effect is as vibrant and energetic as the city itself.”

See the system in action below.

Images: Mucca