Brand of the Day: NOWA, Clean Design for an Eco-Friendly Cleaner

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Thankfully, the world is finally moving toward innovative, environmentally friendly production methods and packaging, and more and more products are being created with eco-friendly ingredients.

With NOWA, the Montreal-based company manages to tick every single one of those boxes.

NOWA’s household cleaners are focused on healthy living—for both users and the planet. The product—made with natural plant and mineral-based ingredients—arrives via a concentrated, super compact, ready-to-dilute bar. It’s 100% vegan, cruelty free and recyclable.

To bring their ethos to life and to market, NOWA brought on Comme Pas Deux.

“Our mission was to enhance their growing collection with a timeless visual identity and sustainable packaging, offering a beautiful sensory experience,” Comme Pas Deux writes. “The packaging aims to represent a light lifestyle that helps communicate the brand's organic approach. We have selected a palette in pastel neutral tones to allow the brand to stand out from its competitors. The origins and values of NOWA come to life thanks to a symbol combining Montreal architecture and its eco-friendly consciousness. We also have developed custom patterns to distinguish the different fragrances of the brand by illustrating elements specific to each of them.”

The result is a beautiful and minimalist design that leaves a mark on the mind—instead of the planet.