Brand of the Day: Nyyukin, Jewelry Inspired by Graphic Design

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Nyyukin represents the coming together of two key parties—3D design pioneer and jewelry designer Johannes Hundt, and KittoKatsu design agency co-founders Vera and Philippe Henco.

In collaboration, the three friends have produced a design-inspired jewelry system that also thrives on duality.

How it works: The brand’s “Characters,” or bands, form the basis of each piece. Interchangeable inlays, dubbed “Moments,” are paired with them to create a variable jewelry box that collectively invokes minimalism and brutalism.

From the start, the team has been obsessively focused on quality: the cuffs are made from titanium and Swiss steel from the world of watchmaking; the pieces feature PVD coatings from the automobile industry for color and durability; everything is polished by hand; the pieces are produced in Germany and the EU, ensuring fair working conditions.

The brand’s newest line, dubbed Nau (Japanese for “now”), comes at a more affordable price point to Nyyukin’s usual, and celebrates color. Made from polyamide dust, the bracelets and inlays are 3D printed, and produced in two sets of unique palettes—“Poolside,” featuring a navy band and yellow and green inlays, and “Sundowner,” reflecting the burgundy of a Negroni, with lavender and red accents.

They are compatible with the brand’s 002-Slim models, as well, allowing for a versatile system.

Check them out in action below. For more, head to Nyyukin.