Brand of the Day: P.E. Department

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We wish we were the type of people who’d hit the gym the day after gorging on Thanksgiving dinner … but we’re not.

But! We do appreciate good design. So let’s do some reps of that, compliments of This and That by Nick and Kat’s design work for P.E. Department.

P.E. Department is an Australian boutique fitness club—“the antidote to the testosterone-fueled franchise gyms.”

They intentionally set out to do things differently. For more on that end, we’ll let their manifesto do the talking:

P.E. is the gym for all shapes and sizes. It’s a gym, not a cult. Or a photo studio. Or a nightclub. It’s for regular people. People who sweat who see working out as a lifestyle, not a fad. It’s a place for those who haven’t quite mastered it yet, and those that mastered it years ago. It’s for the people who consider themselves gym bunnies. And for those who could never, ever bring themselves to call themselves gym bunnies.

As a gym setting out to be different, they needed an identity to match—and This and That by Nick and Kat was up for the challenge, developing a brand ecosystem of carefully balanced type and geometry that very intentionally avoids the tropes of the industry.

Exercise your design mind as you feast on the work below.