Brand of the Day: Vinyl Moon Turns 5

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As nerds for exceptionally crafted physical objects in an otherwise digital world, for years we’ve delighted in the resurgence of impeccably produced limited-edition books and vinyl records.

If you’re into the latter, you should know about Vinyl Moon—a monthly subscription that turns the audible into the transcendent.

Launched as a Kickstarter in 2015 by Burning Ear creator Brandon Bogajewicz, each installment of Vinyl Moon features a full LP mixtape of 10 songs by a cadre of new bands.

In addition to the built-in ritual aspect of listening to vinyl records, Vinyl Moon goes all-in on the tactile and experiential. The vinyl is gorgeously pressed. The jackets feature innumerable, unexpected production bells and whistles. Each record comes with a booklet about the bands, lyrics and single artwork, as well as bonus goodies.

And perhaps most strikingly, every month a new visual artist designs the package top to bottom, freed from the constraints of record companies and the quest for shelf appeal.

COVID has brought a 50 percent revenue increase to the club, and coupled with the club’s five-year anniversary, Vinyl Moon is currently offering 20 percent off.

Check it out here—and check out a medley of the releases below. They’re a delight to behold in hand.

Shreya Gupta
Dennis Wojtkiewicz
Keith Rankin
Tessa Rose Jackson / Someone
Luke Pelletier
Nate Utesch
Kim Salt
George Wylesol
Marylou Faure

Marcos Navarro
Jonas Fisch
Michael George Haddad
Young & Sick
Chris Engman
Marc Burkhardt
Matthias Jung