Brand of the Day: Wavemaker’s Wavemaking New Identity

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With clients including Tiffany & Co., L'Oréal, Bungie, Netflix and Xerox, Wavemaker is one of the largest media advertising and marketing agencies in the world.

Through its work, the company has long sought to live up to its name—and now its new identity manages to do so, as well.

Wavemaker brought NB Studio on board with the mission to create “an easier-to-use version of ourselves,” to coincide with Wavemaker’s growing international reach.

NB Studio seized on a new brand strategy—“Positive Provocation”—and created an identity and environmental graphics that react and respond playfully to the world around them.

All told, the refresh was a hit at the highest levels.

“I’m genuinely delighted and couldn’t be more pleased with where we landed,” Wavemaker global CEO Toby Jenner says of the project. “[They] absolutely smashed the brief.”

Check out the work below.