Gifts for Designers: Field Notes’ 99,999 Unique “Snowy Evening” Covers

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Instead of a massive holiday gift guide for designers, we’ve decided to focus on things we love and recommend bit by bit this year. Stay tuned to PRINT for a medley of gift ideas for the designer (or the design fan) in your life.

Sure, every Field Notes becomes uniquely your own as you fill it with your ideas and art. But with the release of Field Notes’ Snowy Evening edition, you really can have a notebook that is undeniably your own—because every single one of the 99,999-book run is different (and numbered to prove it).

Inspired by the physics of how ice crystals form in the atmosphere, UK-based artist Brendan Dawes created an algorithm that rendered 99,999 different snowflake patterns. For Field Notes’ quarterly seasonal edition, they’re printed on a blue cover stock with a vellum finish from Mohawk Fine Papers, and bound with some snazzy white staples.

As for the otherwise familiar dot graph inside … if you look closely enough, you might discover those to be snowflakes, as well. A three-pack alone contains some 73,000 snowflakes.

It’s a Field Notes winter wonderland. Pick up a set here.