Shaking Up the Sommelier Branding

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Even the term itself can intimidate, given the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the culture of fine dining and imbibing.

But when it comes down to it, a sommelier is a person with deep expertise who is there to guide you—a veritable sherpa of the grape.

The culture of the sommelier could use a rebrand—and with Deva Pardue’s new identity for wine subscription service SommSelect, that’s what it’s gotten.

At SommSelect, all the wine is, true to name, selected by sommeliers. The company’s internal marketing and creative director Melissa Saks commissioned Pardue, a Pentagram alum, to create a design that simultaneously pays homage to SommSelect’s roots while giving it a modern—and approachable—edge.

Pardue collaborated with XYZ Type’s Jesse Ragan on the brand’s new mark, which has its roots in Canela from Commercial Type, emphasizing the S’ in the brand name while utilizing it as a corkscrew-like letterform.

For the website reskin, Pardue worked with Phil DiBello and Devin Washburn of No Ideas. Greg Golko handled the photography, and Natalie Papova took on the prop styling.

Ultimately, if you’re ready to step up from a box of Franzia to a box of premium bottles, the good folks at SommSelect are here for—with their best look yet.