/100’s Creativity is a 10/10

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/100, a radio show ideated by Felipe Duque and Maximilian Mauracher, is further proof that sound is dramatic, fleeting, and intangible.

Each sound is represented through a visual identifier such as a crown, a tooth, a cherry, etc. /100 is challenging the way we think about sound waves. It's giving a sense of belonging to an otherwise erratic set of notes and tunes. Where the noises might seem free-floating, the design for the brand is structured and organized. The grid system is grounding and allows space to collect visual graphics seen throughout the branding identity.

/100 is an erratic radio show for sound as artistic expression. What is certain in number, is uncertain in form. Conceived by the desire to reunite in one place the ephemeral and intangible condition of otherwise free-floating sound waves. An ongoing and everlasting archive of genre-cros­sing episodes composed by carefully selected contributors and friends.

Project Credits

Felipe Duque + Maximilian Mauracher (Idea + Curation)

Hubert Spangler (Co-Curation)

Arne Spremberg (Code)

David Rindlisbacher (Design)