15 Packaging Delights From the Dieline Awards

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Today, Dieline announced the winners of its annual packaging design awards program, and the cache of brilliant work in the galleries is officially our latest tool to offset the quarantine blues.

The 10th outing of the Dieline Awards was presented by Adobe Dimension, and sponsored by Arconvert, Designalytics and Neenah Paper. It brought in more than 1,400 entries from 21 countries, and featured a jury composed of Debbie Millman, Pum Lefebure, Sean Adams, Roanne Adams, Ken Lo, Leland Maschmeyer, and other leading design minds.

As Dieline writes, “Overall, this year’s selection of winners shows a commitment to innovation, using plastic-free packaging materials, and human-centric design, all a clear marker for what lies ahead when it comes to the future of branded packaging and a preview of the world to come.”

It’s a future we’re all-in on.

Here are 15 winning projects we love, from the top awards (with some background on the projects) to other rankings throughout. For much, much more—94 winners in total—check out the full gallery here.

Best of Show: Figlia—Feminine by Nature, designed by Superunion, Hong Kong. (Note: Superunion also took home Dieline’s Studio of the Year award.)

“This year’s overall Best in Show winner went to design and branding agency Superunion for Figlia, an Italian olive oil by Agricola Dargenio. The limited-edition olive oil was released to promote the first female CEO of the company, Emanuela Dargenio, and it comes in a handmade ceramic bottle with a wood top, a primal, back-to-basics design that gets at the core of what packaging is.”

Read more about the project here.

Editor’s Choice: Notpla, designed by Superunion, U.K.

“We’re huge on material innovation, and in the world of packaging, there’s no bigger story. Every brand wants to talk the talk when it comes to going plastic-free or using more recycled content in the next decade, but it will take real innovation and backbone to make those commitments a reality. Notpla has the potential to be that kind of material. Developed by the Skipping Rocks Lab startup, this edible and biodegradable material comes from seaweed and plants, breaks down within four to six weeks, and gives us a glimpse of a world free of packaging design. Superunion helped give this transformative material a new identity, one that could enthrall brands with its promise to change the world, while also highlighting how you can apply it to some of our typical, everyday encounters with packaging.”

Read more here.

Rebrand of the Year: Haws, by Together Design, U.K.

“For this year’s Rebrand of the Year, one project stood out among the rest because they answered a relatively simple question—can you make a box in the shape of a watering can? Reimagined by the UK’s Together Design, Haws wanted to reposition themselves in the home and gardening segment with a grand redesign that would create an iconic shape for retail and attract younger consumers interested in horticulture.”

Read more here.

Plastic-Free Innovation of the Year: Pearl, by Grow, Sweden.

“In our second year of honoring plastic-free innovations in packaging alongside nonprofit advocacy group A Plastic Planet, we were thrilled that this year’s award went to Swedish brand consultancy Grow for Pearl, a fiber-based alternative to plastic sample packets prevalent throughout the beauty and skincare industry. The paper pods were developed along with BillerudKorsnäs and Syntegon and found inspiration in the natural shape of sea urchins. The shells for the project are both elegant and seemingly delicate, utilizing 3D properties that give consumers a tactile experience.”

Read more here.

Arconvert’s Best Use of Label Award: No Man’s Space Eclipse Gin, by Brand Breeder, Spazio Di Paolo, Italy.

“The imaginative, three-dimensional label designed by Italian agency Spazio Di Paolo for No Man’s Space Eclipse Gin by Brand Breeder reaches out to the consumer, interacting with him and attracting his gaze from a distance.”

Gotham Greens, designed by Gander, USA. (Fresh Food category.) Read more here.

MOO Drinkable Yogurt, designed by Mousegraphics, Greece. (Dairy category.) Read more here.

Mano Pizza, designed by Goods, Norway. (Ready to Eat category.) Read more here.

4Life Mineral Water, designed by Prompt Design, Thailand. (Water category.) Read more here.

Andea, designed by After, Peru. (Water category.) Read more here.

Dark Matter Coffee Cold, designed by Zimmer Design, USA. (Caffeine category.) Read more here.

Tread Softly, designed by Denomonation, Australia. (Wine & Champagne category.) Read more here.

Senser Spirits, designed by Magpie Studio, U.K. (Nonalcoholic category.) Read more here.

Licor 43 Made of Spain 2019 Limited Edition, designed by Batllegroup, Spain. (Limited Edition category.) Read more here.

Hotel Tango Distillery Packaging, designed by Young & Laramore, USA. (Multi-SKU category.) Read more here.