3rd Space Mgmt Visually Showcases Third Space Theory

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The 3rd space theory is the main focus of this modeling agency’s branding. Utilizing a clean, sans-serif font and a color palette of whites, blacks, oranges, 3rd space allows grids to visually represent the rule of 3rd throughout the images and logos.

This is a modeling agency that understands that symmetry and appealing to a trendy audience are great ingredients in strong brand identity.

3rd Space Mgmt is the first modeling agency that truly reflects the street culture of Sweden, highlighting diversity and standing for inclusion. Founder Helin Honung’s heritage guides and informs her work, ultimately allowing her to set an example in redefining the concept of beauty in the fashion and media industry. The inspiration behind the visual identity comes from the concept of third space theory which puts a strong emphasis on cultural hybridity. A play on thirds is used throughout the work—from the globelike symbol which unites three differently shaped ovals—to the emphasis on the rule of thirds across the collateral.

Collage photography by Jorge Perez Ortiz for Edward Cuming, AnOther Man magazine.

Credits: Designed by Max Pirsky