8 Ingenious Food Truck Designs

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At Print, we appreciate all design in varying shapes, sizes and media. While browsing through a myriad of vibrant designs from the Regional Design Annual and beyond, we sought to showcase a less common area of graphic design—the visual identity and package design for food trucks.

What originally lured customers to walking up to each of these food trucks for a tasty taco or wood-fired pizza was the well-executed, thoughtful design (and, okay, probably hunger too).

Food truck companies crucially need winning design and smart branding as they face fierce competition from other trendy food trucks—not to mention sit-down and drive-through eateries. Because a food truck is an all-in-one mobile dining experience, food truck design is comparable to package design—that is, package design on a large scale.

Below are examples of exceptional food truck design:

Ingenious Food Truck Designs and Branding

The Rocket Wood-Fired Pizza Campaign

by Whiskey Design

This 2014 RDA winner features expert branding and impeccable design. We love their eye-catching golden logo design displayed against a black backdrop.

“‘The Rocket’ was to be used for char- ity. [Fox Restaurant Concepts] would donate it to auctions and see how much one night with it could raise…. It feels great to see our work raise money for a good cause.” – Matt Wegerer, Whiskey Design


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Coy Sushi Food Truck Branding

By Alex Celaire

We love the utilization of the sushi food truck’s compact space with clean design.


Tunein Taco Truck

by Dyanna Csaposs, Cargo Collective

This 2014 RDA-winning design was created for Tunein. They sponsor multiple music festivals, including Outside Lands, Bumbershoot, SXSW & The New Orleans Jazz Fest. Dyanna created the truck wrap along with all the promotional event materials.


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Curry Up Now Branding, Restaurant and Food Truck Design

by Design Womb

Branding & truck design for Curry Up Now, San Francisco’s mobile Indian street food truck.


Recess Ice Cream – Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging

By Farm Design

“Now we can all be kids again with the new ice cream truck, Recess. We were very excited to be approached by a well-known food truck owner to develop a concept for a new ice cream truck. After a lot of research (and sampling), we came up with an idea that put a smile on everyone’s face. With everything from kid-inspired doodles and bright colors to guerilla hopscotch marketing and old-school wooden spoons, the Recess ice cream truck truly makes you feel like a kid again.” – Farm Design


The Nordic Food Truck

by Alexandre Pietra

“The Nordic is a visual identity created for a scandinavian Food Truck.The food consists only of salty and sweet smørrebrøds (open sandwiches).The design and the colors direct result of Nordic design. A simple, clean, and quality universe was the aim here. Black elements found in all the applications are designed to give a graphic line in the project and ‘break’ the clean side. The Norwegian language is sometimes used in applications for travel consumers.” – Alexander Pietra



by G-Sign

G-Sign designed these fun, colorful food truck wraps and branding.


Falasophy Food Truck

by Design Womb

“Design Womb wrapped up the brand strategy by finalizing a name and defining a strong visual positioning. We designed the Falasophy logo, its supporting graphic icons, and illustrations. The truck warp is vibrant and playful. It incorporates a custom repeat pattern of illustrations and Falasophy philosophies. With a truck like this, you’d better know thy falafel.” – Design Womb


To learn how to create your own package design, check out these available courses from HOW Design University.


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