A Future-Forward Identity for the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit

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Thumbnail for A Future-Forward Identity for the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit

Next week, the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit begins—and when it kicks off, it’ll have the support of a progressive, amorphous identity and virtual ecosystem thanks to Marina Willer at Pentagram London.

UNESCO—the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization—hosts the Futures Literacy event, which aims to redefine how we see and shape the future, from environmental crises to racism, gender oppression and more.

As UNESCO breaks it down:

Futures Literacy, a universally accessible skill that builds on the innate human capacity to imagine the future, offers a clear, field-tested solution to poverty-of-the-imagination. UNESCO, in its role as a global laboratory of ideas at the cutting edge of human knowledge, has demonstrated that people and communities everywhere are capable of becoming more futures literate. This means they are able to use their imaginations for different reasons, using different methods, in different contexts.

So: How do you brand a five-day summit with such a high-level mission?

“The team has created a moving identity that conveys the spirit of an ecosystem where ideas spark, collide, merge, grow and develop, reflecting this innovative and forward-thinking approach,” Pentagram writes. “This universe is constantly changing, but made of a family of components crafted and animated in 3D which represent ideas, thoughts, systems, which are unusual, using colors such as purple and mustard, which are also unfamiliar and surprising.”

The summit, originally slated for the Paris UNESCO HQ, will feature everyone from government officials to thought leaders from various disciplines. Check out Pentagram’s work below (still and animated)—and, even better, see it in action by registering for the summit.