Award-Winning Brand Identity Design: The Women’s Foundation

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Editor’s Note: This project won Best of Region for the Midwest in PRINT’s 2016 Regional Design Awards. See all of the winners here, and don’t forget to enter the 2017 Regional Design Awards.

They chose pink. Not just any shade of pink—light pink. Feminists could have had a field day with this color choice to represent The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City’s new brand identity design, but it was executed in such a way that there’s no room for argument—pink is powerful.


“The dynamism of this brand comes from the juxtaposition of the pink with the strength of the dramatic photography and color black,” says Ingred Sidie, Design Ranch principal. “We wanted to pick a color that stood for femininity but didn’t trivialize it.”

As a women-owned firm, this project struck a chord with Sidie and her colleagues. “It was approached with passion and full design force,” she says. This includes the striking headline “Will Work for Change.” The Women’s Foundation was in the midst of a shift in leadership and the new president fought hard to move the branding forward, convincing the board it was necessary. “The headline was meant to start conversation and promote change. And it certainly accomplished that,” says Claire Gude, Design Ranch copy director.


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Real women working for change were photographed in dramatic lighting—inspired by high-end fashion photography. Subtle details like black foil on the business cards and a high-shine black poly bag all contribute to the sophisticated look. “We’ve given the Women’s Foundation a solid base from which to share their mission,” Sidie says. And the fact that winning the Midwest’s Best of Region honor amplifies that message is a win-win.