Award-Winning Multimedia Campaign: Alabama Bicentennial PastPort

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Editor’s Note: This project is the Reader’s Choice GRAND PRIZE WINNER as well as the Best of Region for the South in PRINT’s 2018 Regional Design Awards.

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The opportunity to set the tone for a statewide celebration—Alabama’s Bicentennial—was beautifully brought to life by Tatum Design. They sought to create a brand identity campaign that would help fellow Alabamians connect with their state’s history like never before, with touchpoints such as a book, posters, and app.

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Lively Narratives for 67 Distinct Counties

The “PastPort” concept is anchored around the idea of time travel throughout the state’s history, with a goal to both educate and encourage new adventures to the sites within each county. Visitors to featured sites would then earn a PastPort stamp. “We wanted every county in the state, big and small, to be celebrated equally. Inspired by historical people, places and events, we designed custom artwork and wrote lively narratives for all 67 counties,” say Tatum Design partners Travis and Wendy Tatum.

This, naturally, entailed lots of research and road trips, and the grit of those experiences truly showed in the details of the project. Judge Alexander Isley noted that the care of the design really took thing so the next level, especially since they could have chosen a different path. “It must have been tempting (and would have been much easier) to establish an overall format and fill in the holes. But the designers went beyond, crafting each element to be pleasing, informative, and engaging. There’s a real spirit here,” he says. But most importantly, the project enveloped Isley and kept him wanting to read everything. “It made me want to learn,” he says.

For Travis and Wendy, this project truly was a dream come true. “The Alabama Bicentennial was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our firm to share the full, unbridled story of our state,” Travis and Wendy say. “As Alabamians, we felt a deep sense of responsibility to capture the true spirit of our people, our land and our history.”

Alabama Bicentennial PastPort—Best of Region, South— 2018 Regional Design Awards

Tatum Design, Birmingham, AL; Travis Tatum, Wendy Tatum (creative directors), Marion Powers (art director), Joey Nees, Derek Prevatt (designers), David Webb (illustrator), Catherine Farlow (writer); Alabama Bicentennial Commission (client)


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