Bar Bara: The Everyday Wine Bar

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Montréal is lucky to have the new wine bar and restaurant in Bar Bara. The branding by the Montreal-based, Studio Couleur Vive, evokes a casual atmosphere that allows every customer to sit back, relax, and enjoy their meal with the company of their friends. A neutral color palette with pops of forest green emits a sense of calmness, and the quirky illustrations add character and lively tenderness. While the branding is playful, it still projects a sense of poise and elegance that showcases the artisanal foods and wines served inside the restaurant—bon appetit!

Bar Bara is a new Montréal wine bar and restaurant serving fresh pasta, coffee, wine and Italian dolces. Located in the heart of the city’s most prized neighbourhoods. This is where life takes a pause, so you can chat with neighbors and friends. Once you’ve been, you go back every chance you get to live la Dolce Vita. The branding needed to evoke its casual, Italian osteria atmosphere and its accessible character. All while also showing the artistic and artisanal side of the brand.

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Studio Couleur Vive