Bate Bate Chocolate’s Branding Leans Into Kid-Friendly Joy

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It’s no hidden secret that children are curious, full of wonder, and always love to create. Bate Bate chocolate fully embraces this with its branding system designed by Studio Mondos. The illustrations are full of quirk yet still feel elegant; there’s a children’s book sense of magic behind the design system. Bate Bate’s visual system adopts children’s outlook on life, and even as an adult, I’m inspired to find more joy in the world. 

A safe and nurturing environment where kids can explore new ideas while having fun in the kitchen. Bate Bate Chocolate is a studio that brings quality children’s programming to Honduras. When kids enter Bate Bate Chocolate’s kitchen, they enter a world where everything is possible. They have the recipe for stimulating the imagination and cultivating creativity.

Children are natural learners. They are curious about the world and are not afraid to fail. As we grow up, we generally lose these qualities. Bate Bate Chocolate looks to nurture kids’ curiosity while they have fun imagining, creating, and learning.

Our challenge was to create a branding system that captured their essence. And to express that essence in a joyful way to captivate children and their parents.

We started by listening to our clients, the Bate Bate Chocolate founders. In our conversations, we searched for their core purpose. We learned that they wanted to spark the light of curiosity in children. Together, we decided to focus on three words: nurturing, magical, and fun.

We mostly looked at children’s books and stories that capture the magic and that get to entertain and educate them. Out of this came the cut-out illustrations. Something simple just as a child would make it. And that open-hearted simplicity is essential to the charm. We wanted the identity to be expressive as well. So we went ahead and used the length of the name and the variety of compositions as the main ingredient. The vivid color palette adds variety. Lastly, we used the soft and gentle Recoleta to add a nurturing character.

Over the past several months, we have been delighted to work with Whitney and Jacob. Together, we created a simple yet expressive brand identity. With these new ingredients, they will now be sharing their recipe for fun for years to come.

We came to Mondos for help with a logo, but they helped us with so much more. Through a very thoughtful, encouraging, and well-planned brand development process, they guided us through critical questions regarding our business’s identity. Mondos helped us clarify our core purpose and how to make it resonate with our clients. This process was particularly valuable as owners of a new business. They listened to us, guided us, inspired us, and in the end, provided a beautiful product with a roadmap for how to make it work in our market. We are very proud of our brand!

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