Because Music Wasn’t Enough, Frank Ocean is Now in The Jewelry Business With New Brand Homer

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In a rare form of cross-generational love, Frank Ocean is beloved by, shockingly, both Gen Z's and millennials. And while it's hard for these generations to agree upon most things, we can all accept that it's been too long since the singer-songwriter, rapper, photographer, and award-winning selfie-taker has created a new album.

But, we can all forgive Frank Ocean just a little bit longer because the renaissance man has been busy building his jewelry repertoire. Last Friday, he announced the launch of his independent American luxury company named Homer.

Inspired by the presumed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the name Homer and the jewelry itself are meant to endure history, time, and artistic flair.

While the brand itself is rather poetic, the catalog of the products is even more so. No longer are the trinkets and baubles slapped on a page and expected to be ordered; they are now artfully oversized, showcased through editorial-style imagery, and sandwiched between behind-the-scenes brand imagery.

The inspiration behind the jewelry designs is childhood obsessions and heritage as a fantasy. While these inspirations are seen within the jewelry designs, they also come alive through the imagery and graphics within the catalog. And as if Frank Ocean wasn't already talented enough, cover and photography are by Frank Ocean, with campaign imagery by frequent collaborator Tyrone Lebon.