Bliss Bowl Wants to Have a Seat at the Millennial Table

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Cereal is so personal. There's a lot that goes into choosing the perfect box in the overwhelming aisle at the grocery store. First, you have to find a box that speaks to you, then you have to make sure the ingredients aren't just sugar and more sugar, and then you have to ensure that it tastes good.

The Mexico-based agency The Branding People designed Bliss Bowl's branding with all of the above in mind. The visual assets are fun and vibrant but still focus on the high-protein ingredients. With graphics inspired by the 90s, it's clear that this brand is taking cues from the past while still being forward-thinking and timeless, a hard act to manage but executed for Bliss Bowl masterly.

Bliss Bowl is a premium Mexican cereal brand. Its products are based on high protein ingredients, low carbs, and no added sugar. The goal is to reach the high nutritional values commercial cereals tend to lack. Bliss Bowl aims to sit at the tables of millennials concerned about their wellbeing. Therefore tbpmx developed a brand inspired by a retro aesthetic with hints of modern times.

The assets are meant to be fun and dynamic without leaving the premium factor on the side. A vibrant color palette that changes depending on the flavor is meant to grab the consumer's attention through the packaging. This is complemented with bold and enlarged patterns that will stand out and create a vintage personality. The graphic universe is meant to ooze a retro 90s vibe extracted from the early digital aesthetics of a millennial childhood.

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