Brand Brothers Rebrands Advanced Investigative Detection Technology Linkurious

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While it is a fact that everything needs a strong branding system, it’s rare to find an investigative detection software with an identity as strong as Linkurious’.

Rebranded by Brand Brothers, Linkurious is a software that helps detect money laundering networks to help stop these crimes with an identity system that showcases the brand’s originality.

The visual system is robust in that it’s both dynamic, engaging, and fascinating, something lacking in the software and technology space. The bright blue hue paired with overlapping visual languages creates a powerful system that conveys ingenuity and clarity. 

What is the technology behind 4 of the biggest financial crime cases of recent years: Panama Papers, Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers and Swiss Leaks? Linkurious was founded in 2013 in Paris and has developed the most advanced investigative detection solution to date, working with many governments, NGOs and corporations to uncover the most sophisticated criminal networks. Money laundering is a $4.5 trillion market by 2020, and is often linked to terrorism, the drug trade, human trafficking and repressive dictatorships.

Linkurious has engaged Brand Brothers to redesign its entire graphic identity in spring 2021. Until then, the identity had too many weaknesses in relation to the scope of the topics covered and the power of the technology developed by the company.

We have therefore developed a visual grammar that is both more raw and richer, based on several elements. First, the logo is a lettering designed for Linkurious, geometric and orderly, but with many graphic features (curves, inktraps). The ‘O’ holds the brand’s symbol, two overlapping discs that convey the notions of investigation and highlighting, and will serve as a canvas for the entire visual language. This process of overlapping discs is considerably enriched in the graphic system, around multiple articulations and interpretations, giving the branding great potential, translated on multiple print and digital materials.

A vivid blue, complemented by white, black and a few secondary shades, is combined with Florian Karsten’s FK Grotesk typeface. Thus, the visual environment seeks visual abundance, clarity and radicalism, and provides Linkurious with a powerful and evolving graphic and narrative base.

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