Brand Identity for New Streamer Paramount+ Modernizes a Legend

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In the world of television and film, there are few brands with as much legacy as Paramount.

Now a part of the ViacomCBS portfolio, the Paramount name spans movies, TV, and digital streaming. Formerly CBS All Access, the streaming platform recently relaunched as Paramount+, and parent company ViacomCBS partnered with agency loyalkaspar to create the new brand identity for the platform.

As consumers embrace Over The Top (OTT) services instead of traditional cable and satellite, Paramount+ owns an identity that propels the legend into the new digital media age. With plenty of heritage to tap into, loyalkaspar gave the core element—the summit—a new, streamlined look while still projecting strength and authority. The wordmark is tied closely to the mountain, serving as the base to the peak. Additionally, the Paramount+ base is flexible enough to be paired with network logos such as MTV, CBS, or Cartoon Network, and can be used alone, applied vertically or horizontally.

A bespoke typeface, Peak Sans, was also designed to complement the core brand elements and draws inspiration from Paramount’s cinematic history, looking to theater marquees for inspiration—remember those? Additionally, loyalkaspar unified the various hues used by Paramount throughout the years into one pleasant and calming blue.

The new brand identity is a modern interpretation of a storied media brand as it enters the streaming age. Visually, it makes Paramount’s legacy clear and makes efficient use of the long-built equity in the brand. Paramount+’s new identity also serves a strong and adaptable base where primary elements such as the summit and wordmark can be used alone or used with sister brands under the ViacomCBS umbrella.