Brand of the Day: 48North

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With the ever-expanding legalization of medical marijuana, not to mention recreational use, design has played a critical role in rebranding a new, old industry for the 21st century. (Read more about it here.)

Black light posters and roving bands of Grateful Dead bears have given way to clean, vibrant work that has elevated the category to all new heights.

One such brand: 48North. As Blok Design writes, “With their main focus being women, we set out to create a brand that would represent the expansiveness, the boldness and the clarity of a company that is challenging preconceptions and opening possibilities.”

In addition to the overall aesthetic that Blok delivered to 48North, they also worked on the company’s Latitude brand—“a publication and creative platform that empowers women to connect, engage and learn through their personal experiences with cannabis.”

Dope design, indeed.

Images: Blok