Brand Of The Day: Bayab Gin

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If anything has been on the rise during these times of lockdowns and shutdowns, it's at-home bar carts.

I mean, think about it; before the pandemic, I'm sure it was stocked but only with the bare necessities. What you lacked in your home bar could easily be made up for when you went to a, dare I say, real bar. Now, however, you need the good stuff at home.

Ireland-based Backbar Studios has crafted the vibrant identity for Bayab Gin. Because this spirit is infused with South African Baobab Fruit, the colorful packaging just flows perfectly with the brand's depths. The oversized patterned label is playful yet simple, and the product photography seamlessly showcases the ingredients in an editorial and sophisticated way. Your at-home bar most definitely needs this gin for a splash of color to the shelves and a splash of flavor to your glasses. Cheers!

Bayab is a bold gin from a vibrant continent. Infused with South African Baobab Fruit this is a Classic Dry Gin distilled and bottled by hand in South Africa. Bayab combines the natural beauty of the South African continent and its people to create this gin – African Grown gin.

Project Credits

Backbar Studios

Creative Director: Conor Smyth

Set photography: Jonathan Lavander Studio

Studio Shots: Nick Howe