Brand Of The Day: NEXT Coffee Designed By Shanghai-based B&W Lab

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Designed by Shanghai-based design studio B&W LAB, NEXT Coffee is an instant freeze-dried coffee with branding exploring the unknown. The logo is formed through a simple blend of graphics, allowing for creativity to blossom in the extension of the product seen through the uses of solid and gradient color combinations that take the designs to the next level. Freeze-dried coffee sounds like a product of the future, and NEXT Coffee's branding matches the futuristic spirit in a simplistic yet stunning way.

"Next" is an instant freeze-dried coffee. The brand was born to study people's attraction to the unknown, because the circuitous structure of the physical structure of the human brain produces an irritant chemical reaction to the next, which stimulates people's exploration of the unknown and a kind of obsessive love.

"Next" is a small batch coffee roasting brand based in Shanghai created by B&W Graphic Lab. The coffee brewing is presented in an interesting way with a simple combination of graphics. The brand logo is also formed through this simple and regular combination of graphics, which allows more possibilities and creativity for the subsequent development and extension of the product.

"Next" itself convey a sense of continuous unknown, just like the coffee beans from the plant at the end of the baking finish, which contains a large number of locations and uncertainty, fascinated people for the uncertainties of the unknown is far beyond our imagination, at the beginning of the brand is also want to use to meet the needs of people for this unknown, every coffee, so here is the palate has its unpredictability, there are a lot of trial and experiment.

In the design of the package, we made bold use of gradient color and graphic combination to create a visual space. At the same time, we also reproduced the scene when coffee is brewed and water is fused. A large amount of coffee freeze-dried powder is fused with hot water, which is really fascinating! Taste changes over time, and sugar and milk mixtures can be added and mixed on your own, all in order to achieve the most immediate taste.

A brand can be remembered by its name, presented by its packaging, and remembered by its taste. Only by triggering people's senses in all aspects can the brand be reflected in people's mind in a three-dimensional and comprehensive way.

B&W LAB is a multidisciplinary graphic design studio, based on unique graphic style, branding and market analysis. Specialized in package design and brand identity, we have worked on numerous projects, creating inspiring design and results into the market.

Project Credits


Creative Director – Ben 草没味啊

Designer – 侯炜 Hou Wei