Brand of the Day: Shhhowercap + The Care Package

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Jacquelyn DeJesu Center was frustrated—the run-of-the-mill shower cap she had didn’t work functionally or aesthetically, so she began hunting for a replacement. Problem was, when she turned to Google, all searches ended with bad design, bad shape and cheap plastic.

Unable to find a well-crafted alternative, she spent the next year creating her own. She didn’t take on any investors, and she didn’t have any family members bankrolling the project—she just had a well-designed concept. And as a testament to that fact, upon the launch of Shhhowercap, her first run sold out in weeks.

These days you can find the output of the all-female-led company everywhere from major retailers to the MoMA Design Store—and today Shhhowercap is our Brand of the Day for its latest initiative: The Care Package. For anyone who buys a Shhhowercap this Mother’s Day, the company is donating one to a frontline worker in a Labor and Delivery ward. (Customers can also choose to just donate one, and don’t need to purchase a cap for themselves to participate.)

A well-designed idea for a perpetually well-designed brand.

Images: Shhhowercap


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