Brand of the Day: Telegraph Hotel Tbilisi

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Sometimes, a design team takes a concept and truly commits—and that’s the case with the branding and identity for the new Telegraph Hotel Tbilisi in Georgia.

Radisson Hotel Group’s property is being built within a Soviet Modernist former mail and telegraph headquarters—and so for all touchpoints throughout the hotel, from the logo to the soap, David Kupatadze and his team utilized Morse Code in their design work.

The result is an all-encompassing, well-defined sense of style that honors the past using the tools of the past, while forging a future-forward identity for a marvelously repurposed building.

Art direction, graphic design: David Kupatadze

Type Design: Akaki Razmadze

Photography: Makho Kipshidze

Postcard photo: Mariam Sitchinava

Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Printing Processes: Flexography, foil stamping, screenprinting